Over the years as Academic PS, I have offered the following services.

Academic PR Campaigns (no longer a current service)

Academic publishers and I crafted the right PR plan for their textbooks and reference resources. Ministry resource publications, magazines for Christian leaders, academic journals, and radio hosts received word about new resources according to their primary uses. An Academic PR campaign often included galley mailings, multiple media pitches, media pieces, book mailings, and follow up with book review editors.

Ministry PR Campaigns (no longer a current service)

In general, these projects, books for church leaders, included a longer pitch time for the galley mailing, contact with authors and creation of numerous PR pieces, and extensive follow-up with book recipients. Publishers variously chose to include trade, academic, print, online, and broadcast media according to the title’s applicability to each.


My unofficial tagline for this service is “making really smart people not sound stupid.” It has been my delight to take in manuscripts with varied levels of publication readiness and move them along toward publication. In many cases, I reformat notes and check references, but I also take care to make overly passive, academic writing or writing that was more suited to the ear into engaging prose.


We are a good fit for writing catalog, ad, and back cover copy for works in biblical studies, ministry resources, Christian formation, theology, ethics, and others. Our academic and publishing background makes it possible for us to understand where a particular study fits within various disciplines and craft copy that will attract the target audience.