Off the Clock

Posted July 6th, 2011 in Random by Emily Varner

I don’t take on a PR project I don’t believe in, but every once in a while I can’t help sharing information about a book no one is paying me to publicize. This happened again over the weekend and today when I found myself recommending a book I learned about through working on Baylor University Press’s academic catalog (which I believe just went to press this week): Rhetorical Darwinism by Thomas Lessl. The language of religion and the language of science are profoundly involved subjects to tackle, but well worth the analysis Lessl provides in his book (at least the portions of it that I read). If you’re like me and noted the eschatological nuance in the writings and beliefs of historical figures like William Wilberforce and Christabel Pankhurst with curiosity, his analysis helps make sense of how that aspect of their message has diminished among Christian circles but increased within the scientific and pseudo-scientific community.