Ministry PR: Is God Just a Human Invention?

The following is an example of the PR summary we send to publishers upon completion of a PR campaign. The book in this instance, Is God Just a Human Invention? by Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow (Kregel, 2010), was a ministry book with academic potential.


Galley and book mailing lists and follow-up communication focused on highlighting the book’s significance for Christians in higher education, Christian families, and young adults. Media contacts received Kregel-originated personalized cover letters and media sheets. Follow-up with each galley and book recipient was attempted up to three times, and additional requests were forwarded to Kregel.


  • CBA Retailers + Resources (brief review in Sept 2010)
  • Outreach magazine (brief excerpt in Sept/Oct 2010)
  • Biola Magazine (alumni news brief w/cover image)
  • Christian Research Journal (review)
  • Emmaus Journal (brief book review)
  • Reviews in Religion and Theology (review)
  • YouthWorker Journal (excerpt and review)


  • (interview November 20, 2010)
  • Point of View (interview September 21, 2010)


  • Charisma Magazine (original article by authors in Sept 2010 digital issue)
  • Christians in Context (review poster September 28, 2010, Q&A posted September 30, 2010)
  • (podcast interview September 20, 2010)
  • TGC Reviews (The Gospel Coalition online book reviews November 4, 2010)


  • Issues, etc. (radio interview attempted but fell through)
  • Stand to Reason (interview desired after 1/2011)
  • Family Life Today (radio interview possible but not scheduled)
  • Focus on the Family Broadcasting (radio interview possible but not scheduled)
  • Janet Parshall (radio interview possible but not scheduled)


The following media are considering the book but are unable to give firm plans:

  • (excerpt, Q&A, or review)
  • Faith In Action Online (review/article)
  • Bible Answer Man
  • The Christian Chronicle


Due to the nature of book reviewing, some editors contacted rely on the interest of a fellow faculty member or an affiliated reviewer to complete a review. Editors for the following journals responded that Is God Just a Human Invention? is “available” or “being considered” for review:

  • Christian Apologetics Journal
  • Church Libraries
  • Horizons (journal of the Catholic College Theology Society)
  • Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
  • McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry
  • Philosopha Christi (journal of the Evangelical Philosophical Society)
  • Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
  • Southwest Baptist Journal of Theology
  • Thinking in Public with Al Mohler (podcast interview possible but not scheduled)
  • Themelios
  • Westminster Theological Journal


Prison Fellowship’s Centurions program is considering book for training; Ratio Christi is in contact with the authors about articles, links, videos, etc. related to the book.

Requests for books or scheduling will be forwarded to Kregel or to the authors as appropriate.