Copyediting: The Glory of Preaching

Project: The Glory of Preaching by Darrell W. Johnson came to us in manuscript form with instructions to balance readability with the author’s demonstration of effecting oral communication and aural engagement preparation. The organization of the material was basically sound, but the writing style required a substantial amount of revising and clarifying due to the author’s skill in writing passages that were best suited to being heard (but not easily read). The manuscript also required reformatting for “house style,” checking of biblical references, footnote checking, and standard grammar and spelling checks.

Result: Though manuscript copyediting is generally done anonymously, in the case of The Glory of Preaching, the author insisted on being able to mention us by name in his preface, noting that Emily Varner “graciously and creatively” helped him tone down his “writing for the ear.” Through this book, an engaging teacher, preacher, and speaker encourages readers in the task of effectively and faithfully preaching God’s Word.

Here are some other compliments passed along through editors who kept our work anonymous:

“There have been instances when I have read a paper or an essay based upon material that I have taught when a student takes those concepts and punches out a response far better than what I first expressed. This feeling occurred as I worked through your revision. Thank you for your writing expertise and the care you took with this material that is so very important to me.”

“I thought the copyediting was excellent.”

And feedback from editors:

“I wanted you to know that you did an excellent job with the footnotes–yippee! This is usually a source of pain for us.”

“I am impressed with how you worded your author queries: they are instructive, to-the-point, and respectful in tone. Thank you.”

“Thank you for your work on this. I love what you have done. I knew you would be good at this type of an edit.”