Academic PR: Defending Constantine

What follows recreates the PR summary we send to publishers upon completion of a PR campaign. The book in this instance, Defending Constantine by Peter J. Leithart (IVP Academic, 2010), exemplifies an academic monograph for which PR focused on highlighting the conversation for both academic and Christian leader publications.


Publicity materials were adapted from a longer Q&A piece done by Dan Reid for the IVP Academic Alert, and talking points, from interaction with the text and Alert interview. Galley and book publicity mailing materials, mailing lists and follow-up communication focused on highlighting the book’s significance for Christian theology and political theory. Reviewers on mailing lists received personalized cover letters and media sheets tailored to the publication’s primary audience. Follow-up with each reviewer was attempted up to two times, and additional requests were forwarded to IVP with personalized cover letters.


  • CBA Retailers + Resources (Description in Research & Study Product Intelligence Section, December 2010)
  • First Things (Feb 2011)
  • The Christian Century (October 2010; review by Stan Hauerwas)
  • Mars Hill Audio Journal (final info with IVP Academic radio publicist)
  • Point of View (final info with IVP Academic radio publicist)
  • Protestant Reformed Theological Journal (April 2011)


Some online writers were contacted directly and ran reviews as follows:

  • JesusCreed Blog (two posts by Scot McKnight October 2010–November 10, 2010)
  • (December 13, 2010)


The following publications plan mentions or reviews, but do not have firm review dates:

  • Calvin Theological Seminary Journal
  • Cloud of Witnesses blog
  • Covenant Quarterly
  • Emmaus Journal
  • Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society


Due to the nature of academic book reviewing, some of the book review editors contacted rely on the interest of a fellow faculty member or an affiliated reviewer to complete a review. Editors for the following journals responded that the following volumes are “available” or “being considered” for review:

  • Ancient Faith Radio (IVP electronic PR is final contact)
  • Chafer Theological Seminary Journal
  • Christian Apologetics Journal
  • Christian Scholar’s Review
  • Criswell Theological Review
  • Denver Journal
  • Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal
  • Fides et Historia
  • Grateful to the dead blog (Chris Armstrong)
  • Journal of Ecclesiastical History
  • McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry
  • Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought
  • Religion & Liberty
  • Southern Baptist Theological Journal
  • The Master’s Seminary Journal
  • Themelios
  • Toronto Journal of Theology
  • Wesleyan Theological Journal
  • Westminster Theological Journal


Additional requests will be forwarded to InterVarsity Press.