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Posted September 13th, 2012 in Books, News by Emily Varner

Check out this great list of reviewers who are planning to give their two cents (and in one case, two mites) about Eric Larson’s frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament–An Extraordinary Guide for Ordinary People. People will be posting and Larson will be responding throughout next week: September 17-21.

You’ll notice booksellers, pastors, teachers, parents, worship leaders, artists, students–none of them “ordinary” in the negative sense of course, but a great cross-section of the audience who will find this an appealing resource.

I’ll try to post links to the actual reviews as they become available, but here are links to the home pages, in no particular order:

DTS Book Center Blog (DTS Book Center Staff)

Bible Geek Gone Wild (Shaun Tabatt)

Barkma (Ryan Barkley)

Snapshots (Wendy Swantek)

ChristFocus Book Club (Debbie White)

Book Bargains and Previews (Patti Chadwick)

AustinMcCann.com (Austin McCann)

Grace for Sinners (Mathew Sims)

Logos Worldview (Brian Holland)

Tom Farr Blog (Tom Farr)

Words on the Word (Abram Kielsmeier-Jones)

My Two Mites (Robbie Pruitt)

Guarding the Good Deposit

CaseyTygrett.com (Casey Tygrett)

A couple reviews snuck out early too . . . a brief one at Cybertron Reviews is here, and a contact of Larson’s who received an early copy of the book at Musings of an Unemployed English Major.


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  1. Excited to be a part of this “book tour!”

    “Frameworks” is a great resource. I spent the majority of last week teaching from it in my Bible classes and even passed the book around in my Theology in the Arts class. There was quite the “buzz” about this book.

    The chaplain of our school also took great interest in the book.

    Excited for Eric Larson and this quality project “Frameworks.” It is an honor to participate in the books promotion.


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