Round One of frameworks Reviews

Posted September 18th, 2012 in Books, News by Emily Varner

It was great to see the first reviews appear for frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament. Here are the full links:

Robbie Pruitt, a high school Bible teacher in Haiti, sums up his praise this way: “As a Bible teacher, a student of God’s word and as a visual learner, I highly recommend Frameworks. Frameworks facilitates a unique way to understand the New Testament and to put the individual books into their larger contexts for a holistic understanding of the New Testament.” The full review is here.

Debbie White, who reviews biblical studies resources at ChristFocus Book Club (and other genres at two other blogs), gave a clear overview mixed with her reflections.

And Wendy Swantek, a chill mother of two young boys and lay leader at her local church, had this to day, “This book is a handy guide, an outstanding roadmap, and a barrel of possibilities. Eric?s joy in sharing what the New Testament has to offer, combined with his no-nonsense style make this a pleasure to read (and re-read!).” The full review is here.

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