All Blog Reviews: frameworks

Posted September 24th, 2012 in Books, News by Emily Varner

What a pleasure to hear what reviewers from far and wide thought about frameworks! I believe this is the complete list of reviews (in no particular order):

Mark Howell Live – Mark Howell

Grace4Sinners – Mathew Sims

Dallas Theological Book Center Blog – Kevin Stern

Bible Geek Gone Wild – Shaun Tabatt

Logos Worldview Blog – Brian Holland

Barkma – Ben Barkley

Words on the Word – Abram Kielsmeier-Jones

Tom Farr Blog – Tom Farr

And those previously posted: – Casey Tygrett

Snapshots – Wendy Swantek

Book Bargains and Previews – Tricia

My Two Mites – Robbie Pruitt

ChristFocus Book Club – Debbie White



End of Week Posts on frameworks

Posted September 20th, 2012 in Books, News by Emily Varner

Bloggers are still weighing in with their thoughts on frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament. (And incidentally, a few bloggers have asked for a small extension into next week as well!)


Tom Farr gives a nice overview here.


And Christopher Tillman acknowledges the gap in introductory literature for believing Bible readers: “An average OT/NT Introduction book may very well be intimidating for folks who are genuinely seeking a better understanding of Scripture, yet don’t have the supporting resources provided in a seminary environment.” His commendations and reservations are fleshed out here.


And another brief review appeared in Book Bargains and Previews.


I?m eager to see what pops up at tomorrow and early next week!

Round One of frameworks Reviews

Posted September 18th, 2012 in Books, News by Emily Varner

It was great to see the first reviews appear for frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament. Here are the full links:

Robbie Pruitt, a high school Bible teacher in Haiti, sums up his praise this way: “As a Bible teacher, a student of God’s word and as a visual learner, I highly recommend Frameworks. Frameworks facilitates a unique way to understand the New Testament and to put the individual books into their larger contexts for a holistic understanding of the New Testament.” The full review is here.

Debbie White, who reviews biblical studies resources at ChristFocus Book Club (and other genres at two other blogs), gave a clear overview mixed with her reflections.

And Wendy Swantek, a chill mother of two young boys and lay leader at her local church, had this to day, “This book is a handy guide, an outstanding roadmap, and a barrel of possibilities. Eric?s joy in sharing what the New Testament has to offer, combined with his no-nonsense style make this a pleasure to read (and re-read!).” The full review is here.

Where to Find Reviews of frameworks

Posted September 13th, 2012 in Books, News by Emily Varner

Check out this great list of reviewers who are planning to give their two cents (and in one case, two mites) about Eric Larson’s frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament–An Extraordinary Guide for Ordinary People. People will be posting and Larson will be responding throughout next week: September 17-21.

You’ll notice booksellers, pastors, teachers, parents, worship leaders, artists, students–none of them “ordinary” in the negative sense of course, but a great cross-section of the audience who will find this an appealing resource.

I’ll try to post links to the actual reviews as they become available, but here are links to the home pages, in no particular order:

DTS Book Center Blog (DTS Book Center Staff)

Bible Geek Gone Wild (Shaun Tabatt)

Barkma (Ryan Barkley)

Snapshots (Wendy Swantek)

ChristFocus Book Club (Debbie White)

Book Bargains and Previews (Patti Chadwick) (Austin McCann)

Grace for Sinners (Mathew Sims)

Logos Worldview (Brian Holland)

Tom Farr Blog (Tom Farr)

Words on the Word (Abram Kielsmeier-Jones)

My Two Mites (Robbie Pruitt)

Guarding the Good Deposit (Casey Tygrett)

A couple reviews snuck out early too . . . a brief one at Cybertron Reviews is here, and a contact of Larson’s who received an early copy of the book at Musings of an Unemployed English Major.


Blog Tour in the Works for frameworks

Posted September 10th, 2012 in Books, News by Emily Varner

The innovative New Testament introduction frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament by Eric Larson, recently published by Frameworks Resources, is arriving in the hands of industry gatekeepers and bloggers alike.

The Bible-learning tool that has been making waves among the churches of California’s Bay Area, is self-consciously “an extraordinary guide for ordinary people.” And what better way to assess its value than through the eyes of its intended users: laypeople and church leaders interested in increasing the biblical literacy of every churchgoer. The blog tour, which will run from Monday, September 17 through Friday, September 21, includes pastors, students, Bible teachers, and lay learners from across the United States (and even one in Haiti). Author Eric Larson will be visiting the posts regularly to interact with bloggers and those who comment on their reviews.

Check back for a listing of participating bloggers and links to their reviews of frameworks.